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The Teenager? - By Pauline

I'm a bit confused I don't understand How can I follow Their every command?

One minute they say I need to grow up But then they say That I should shut up?

I run my mouth? I talk to much So I should get Back in my hutch!

When I get it wrong I should think for myself? Yet if I have ideas They're put on the shelf

Because what do I know? I'm just a youth You don't even believe When I tell you the truth

Yet when I'm at school I'm "Not that bright!" If I can't get those Questions right!

You want respect That's just fine! You keep boundaries Whilst you walk over mine!

Yet you don't understand When I start to struggle You can't work out Why I feel so troubled?

When I can't get it right Whatever I do? Yet you wonder why I'm feeling so blue?

Am I child or adult? What are you wanting? As I can't be both It's extremely daunting!

You have your plans You want me to strive I just want to please So I can survive

When I can't get it right My health gets affected As I don't feel loved I just feel rejected

All I want really Is the same as you For you to believe In the things that I do

For you to support me As I'm trying to learn As mutual respect We both have to earn

I don't want to fail But try as I might Sometimes I won't Always get it right

So if you love me At the end of the day Encourage me To do it my way

So I can flourish And make us proud Your child wasn't born To follow the crowd!

"It's about how much pressure young people are under to get it right. They are expected to act like young adults and children at the same time. Sometimes they feel under pressure to please others and it can have a big impact on their self-esteem." - Pauline, author.

A very lovely poem written by Pauline which I am sure will touch a lot of readers. Thank you for sharing it with us for Children's Mental Health Week 2020 (3rd-9th Feb).

If you would like to write something to share with others please get in touch. I am welcoming guest bloggers from Feb - June 2020. Every word has the power to make a huge difference to someone's life. I hope to hear from some of you soon. Lots more on its way!

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