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'Covid-19' by Vika

Lockdown, for sure created a frown I was sometimes up and sometimes down.

Nowhere to go, no one to see

Stuck in the house, my husband and me.

A visit to the shop; queues I didn’t like

Once a day exercise, a walk or a bike.

Then back to work, not like before Full of anxiety going through the door.

Bubbles of thirty, everything must be clean

Anxieties are there; hidden not seen.

Meet with six people, wear masks in some places

Leave pubs at 10; can’t see the faces.

Washing hands often; putting on the gel

Covid-19 has brought a living hell.

So how do I feel, in twenty, twenty time Up, down, ok, not ok, anything but fine.

But glimmers of light, around on the scene

Singing with GBHC and Choirantine.

Sing for our well-being, sing for mankind

Keeping me positive, and sound of mind.

Living each day, all finding our way

Through the battle with Covid, we will win one day.

By Vika Moisey

April-October 2020

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