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Community spirit during lockdown

Updated: Jun 3, 2020

We’ve all faced our fair share of struggles over the last few months, from immense highs to rock bottom lows - it’s been really difficult. Our lives were literally flipped upside down within a matter of moments and we all suddenly found ourselves being forced to adapt to a new way of living.

Everyone is going to have a different story to tell coming out of this, our personal lockdown stories, because no one has felt the same about the situation and this has affected us all in completely different ways.

But even through our difficult individual experiences, in my own life I've seen one thing that has hugely kept people together and kept communities thriving, the power of kindness. The acts of kindness which have permeated through the streets of communities has been incredibly heartwarming to see and be a part of.

To highlight a few activities in my local community, there have been huge teams of people pulling together to support NHS staff through food donations and shopping assistance as well as great initiatives in helping combat homelessness and ensuring that more isolated communities are cared for during this time. All over the country people have given so much time towards helping their neighbours, supporting more vulnerable households and boosting spirits and morale when it’s needed the most, the positive impact that communities have had on the lives of others has been incredible and really has kept people’s hearts alive.

I had an overwhelming response to a project that I launched for mental health awareness week and I can’t wait for our community video to come out so we can primarily show people, particularly at this time, that they are not alone.

I think that’s the key, knowing and understanding that we are never alone no matter how bleak the road ahead may seem. Seeing what the communities around me have achieved and put together without a moment's thought is inspiring, because we’re all in this together. Yes, none of us will have the same story to tell, we are all being affected in different ways, but we can always be there for each other. No action is a small one, and we can all play a positive role in each others stories to make sure that in times like these no one feels alone.

I am extremely grateful to be a part of incredible, uplifting communities doing so much for other people and I would urge anyone reading this to think about how they can make a difference to someone’s day beyond this pandemic. You never know what someone is going through or what their story is so keep being mindful, keep caring for others, and keep helping to make sure everyone feels safe knowing that they are surrounded by love and hope, because we go through life together, never alone.

Your actions really do make a difference, let that be a positive one.

Thank you to everyone who has offered a helping hand to others during this difficult time. You will have made a bigger difference than you know.

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